Our chunky glitter is safe to use on the body and face but we ask you to be careful when applying it around your eyes, only microfine polyester glitters are classed as 'eye-safe' by the FDA. Our glitters are made of polyester and shouldn't harm your eyes, but because eyes are so delicate we do ask you to be careful when applying the chunkier glitters in this particular area. Please make sure you remove glitter using sellotape, or splashing your face with water! Make up wipes can just spread glitter around your face and into your eye.

Although there are no huge reported issues with applying glitter around your eyes and lips, and glitter has been used in the makeup industry for years, we want to keep you and ourselves protected. The use of glitter is considered “at your own risk”. 

Our microfine glitters and bio-degradable glitters are of cosmetic grade as are the glitters used in Glisgloss.

If you are allergic, or are under treatment/medication for any skin or hair disorders, you must consult with your healthcare professional before using any of our products. To check for skin sensitivity do a small patch test on inner elbow. Glisten Cosmetics will not be held responsible for any reactions that occur due to the customer not taking due care.

 All sales are subject to UK & EU law.